Our tours


Rich cultures, old traditions, interesting history, friendly locals, hidden places and incredible views, that's what you get while traveling in Balkans.


We've prepared couple of trips for you, just to show you the best places, but be sure that we are always willing to create a custom made trip that will take you where you want to be.




  • Three generations of Lukomir tour + Sarajevo gems
  • Herzegovina Hedonism tour + UNESCO sites
  • 3 States tour (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro)



Naure lovers, outdoor wanderers and mountain climbers, you're at the right place.


With us you can see highest peaks of Balkans, life in those mountains, pristine nature and meet some welcoming locals that spend their days near by the clouds.


Let us take you on one of our adventures, or choose your peak and create a trip with us.




  • Three generations of Lukomir tour
  • Maglic - The higest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bobotov kuk - The highest peak or Montenegro



If you're adrenaline junkie, if you love beeing outdoor and you love visiting places that only selected few have visitied before you, then you should join one of our Off Road tours.


We'll show you best places, take you off the beathen path, show you best dirt roads in Balkan and give you just enough reasons to come back again. All these trips can be done by 4x4 or motorcycle, just choose your ride and let us take you into the wild!


If you're ready we'll take you on one of our pre-arranged tour or you can choose your track and create a trip with us.




  • Wild Rakitnica Canyon
  • Hidden roads of Herzegovina
  • Ex Yugoslavia + Albania / 6 nations Raid



Exploring the nature on two tires can be real fun. Slow ride, great views, smell of the nature and cool breeze on your face, what else could you ask for? Let us show you incredible places, join us on one of our MTB tips and leave nothing more than a cloud of dirt behind you.


You can join one of our prearranged trips or make your own, depending on your previous experience or the adrenaline level you want to feel.




  • Olympic mountains MTB tour
  • National parks of Bosnia&Herzegovina and Montenegro



Rafting is a unique experience that's both exciting and calming. We can take you on a incredible multi days rafting trip, or arrange just one on the preffered river. Get wet, feel the adrenaline, swim in clear waters, drink the river and experience this amazing sport.


Let us take you to one of our top picks, or let us know what you had in mind, create your own trip and enjoy it!




  • Neretva river rafting with Tito's bunker visit in Konjic
  • Tara river rafting with + hiking in Sutjeska National Park
  • Una river rafting + visit to Plitvice National Park



Have a passion for photography? We'll take you on a trip with An International Photography Awards Winner Roberto Nistri. It's not just that he's good with photography, but he's in love with Balkans, same as we are. Roberto was rewarded as a "Travel Photographer Of The Year Awards 2013", so who could give you better insight into world of travel photography?


This trip is organised if the minimum number of participants is reached, so make sure to check with us that we have one coming soon. Next planned trip is in June 2017.